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Booka Agency

Cvr. 16141542

Århus, Denmark

+45 42 30 27 11



Want to be hair model for professional hairdressers?
- See all current jobs at the News tab.

Want to be hair model?

Now you have the chance to get a new and fresh hairdo. These jobs are not aimed at assisting trainees, but involve being a hair-model for fully trained and professional hairdressers only.


The different hairdressing-companies need models for , courses, seminaries, workshops, shows etc. to showcase their products; this includes both haircuts, styling and coloring.


Workshop or Show model.

Workshop model involves working in a studio, at a salon or in a course and will usually take around 2-5 hours. Usually there are no specific requirements to be met as a workshop model.

Show model includes bigger events and shows which usually last a full day. There are usually specific requirements to be met as a show model.


Everyone from the age of 15+ is welcome to apply as hair model, at our Facebook-pages where great jobs are (always) available.



There are no demands as far as shape and size is concerned, everyone may be considered for the various available jobs;

men, women, boys and girls.


Remember to like our Facebook-page, so you can be up to date on all calls for models.

At the News-tab you can find any current job-offers for your contry.



Salaries are determined by the event-managers and can be anything from goodiebags to clothes, shoes, paid salary or various products.