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Booka Agency

Cvr. 16141542

Århus, Denmark

+45 42 30 27 11



A modeling agency beyond the ordinary - remunerate models yourself!

Booka Agency is today located in both Denmark - Sweden and UK. We are expanding our market continuously.

Booka was created in 2014 and has since developed booking-skills primarily within the world of hair-modeling, including dealing with hair models intended for both workshops and bigger shows. 

Workshops, shows, photo-shoots, catalog ect.

We book models for every event. Contact us for further questions.

Save money and pay your own models.

Unlike other modeling agencies Booka does not demand payment for the models involved, as it is possible for the agencies themselves to pay their models through goodiebags, haircuts, coloring or merchandise etc.


Let us do all the work.

We seek out and book the models you need; whether you have specific demands regarding size and shape or not, we will find the right one (for you). We know that some prefer models that have not had haircuts or coloring by others, which means that we do our best to prevent any booking of the same models for different associates.


The benefits of choosing Booka.

Most modeling agencies employ rather strict rules regarding their models as far as how much they are allowed to change their look, hair etc. Since Booka operates primarily within the world of hair-modeling this is not a problem for our models/our models do not operate under such restraints. It is possible for any associates to confirm the suggested models before final booking if desired.

We then inform the models of the proper time and place. In case of a cancellation, we always have replacement models available.

We are available 24/7 during a booking, if you are in need of support.

Prices, booking or further questions:

Marianne Alstrup

CEO & Manager Booker

Booka Agency DK-8300 Odder

Direct tel. +45 42 30 27 11

Mail: marianne.alstrup@booka.dk